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Club Champs & Points Table Rules


1)      The Winter series will include the first three Winter events below.

a.        12 June 2016

b.       10 July 2016

c.        7 August 2016

2)      Other events in Toyota Winter events

a.        4 September 2016-Club Duathlon Champs. Not part of series points. Series Prize Giving.

b.       2 October (Prize Giving & AGM) – not part of series points. Either be  standard event or possibly a relay – yet to be confirmed.

3)      The best 2 of 3 events will count towards the series total.

4)      You must complete at least 2 of the race series and be a club member to qualify for places at the end of the series.

5)           Age Grades for club champs will be based on your age as at the 4 September 2016 (for the whole series).

6)           In each event there will be only gender divisions (not age divisions as in the past)

a.        Long triathlon & Long Duathlon (Female & Male)

b.       Medium triathlon & Medium Duathlon (Female & Male)

c.        Short triathlon & Short Duathlon (Female & Male)

7)      The order of events is:- Triathlon – run, cycle, swim; Duathlon – run, cycle, run. If people choose to race a different variation of a course (eg run, swim or cycle in a different order) this is okay but they will not be included in the series results.

8)      Results will be updated on the club web site after each race in the series.

9)      Points for the races will be awarded in each “length” race based on finishing time compared to the 30th percentile athlete in that course. That person will get 100 points everyone else’s points will be based as a fraction percentage of that. This means the faster you go the more points you get – rather than just your position.

10)   If a person DNF’s (eg flat tyre; injury etc) or is DSQ’d they will get 0 points for that event.

11)   If a person fails to complete the correct number of laps (in running, cycling or swimming) this will count as a DSQ with zero points.

12)   The decision on DSQ’s will be made by the race director or a sub-committee and the competitor will be notified by email or phone or in person if they are to be DSQ’d – with the right of appeal.


General Race Rules

1.       Competitors enter all events at their own risk and acknowledge that they must obey all road rules. Keep left at all times; obey all Marshalls and Race Director's instructions.

2.       No bike drafting allowed and correctly follow the correct run, bike, swim courses.

3.       Be considerate to fellow competitors.


Club Championships – Duathlon

The following rules will apply for the duathlon club champs on the 4 September 2016.


Eligibility and Rules for Duathlon Club Champs

•     You must have been a financial club member for at least one calendar month prior to the club duathlon championships.

•     You must have competed or assisted with marshalling for at least one race for the Winter series prior to club championships. You do not need to have competed in the same category in your qualifying events as you will race at the championships.

•     You must race in the correct category and course length for your age/gender, to be eligible for club championship honours.


Grade/Course (female/male of each) – age as on club duathlon champs day (4 September 2016)


What age group qualifies

Course length

Overall club champion

Any age group


Under 11

Under 11 years


Under 13

11-12 years


Under 16

13-15 years inclusive



16 to 19 years inclusive



20-39 years inclusive


Vet 1

40-49 years inclusive


Vet 2

50-59 years inclusive


Vet 3

60+ years

Long (Male); Medium (Female)


Points & Series Organiser - Barrie Eccles