Covid-19 Conditions

UPDATE On Friday 3rd December 2021 we moved into the new Covid 19 Protection Framework

Red is designed to protect at-risk people and the health system from an unsustainable number of hospitalisations.

Orange is designed to reduce increasing community transmission that is putting pressure on the public health system and at-risk people.

MTC events/gatherings/trainings will be My Vaccine Pass compliant.

The MTC Board are working with Triathlon New Zealand to further understand how to operate under the Covid Protection Framework.

Two Shots To compete

*Children under the age of 12 yrs 3 mths are exempt.


Guidelines for the delivery of the event

  1. Please show your My Vaccine Pass on arrival if it is a requirement by the event venue - No Vaccine Pass no entry unless you hold an exemption or are under the age of 12 years 3 months
  2. Please stay home if you are sick
  3. Red = Limit of 100 double vaccinated, Orange = No limits of attendees as all will be double vaccinated
  4. Please continue scanning our QR code swill be available for all riders, volunteers and spectators
  5. Social distancing is to be maintained for everyone during the event, but competitors are not subject to it during the active part of their race.
  6. Masks MUST be worn by everyone at all times, except during the active competition
  7. Hand hygiene,please use sanitizer available if touching surfaces
  8. Cough and sneeze etiquette
  9. No cash payments will be accepted
  10. No late registrations on the day will be accepted
  11. Avoid touching surfaces & avoid sharing equipment

Please help us provide safe, enjoyable racing while adhering to covid-19 guidelines.

All events will require online registration prior to the event cut-off date.

If gathering limits are in place, marshalls and volunteers will take priority over spectators.