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Add the number of TriNZ members in your family, including yourself if applicable. Each one will cost an additional $20. Please mark which ones in the Additional Family Members Field.
If you selected Family Membership please fill in names and dates of birth of other family members on the next page of this form after you click Continue. The primary contact should already be filled in above.
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  1. Competitors enter all events at their own risk and acknowledge that they must obey all road rules. Keep left at all times; obey all Marshal and Race Director’s instructions.
  2. No bike drafting allowed.
  3. Be considerate to fellow competitors.


I (we) enter at my (our) own risk and hereby release and fully indemnify the event organisers, their officers, volunteers, sponsors or any other party associated with the event of any liability, cost, action, claim, financial or otherwise. I (we) give permission for our name and photo(s) to be used for any club promotional activity on the club website, Facebook or other place as deemed fit by the Manawatu Triathlon Club executive committee.