Our next events are....


Tentative Dates for Linton Camp events to be confirmed

30th January @ Linton Camp if we get enough interest and volunteers

4th February @ Skoglund Park - Kids I Tri'd the Tri

27th February @ Linton Camp - Triathlon and other event options

10th April @ Linton Camp - Possible Reverse Triathlon - depends on weather temp

1st May @ Linton Camp - Reverse Triathlon and Duathlon options

Covid-19 Restrictions:

If we are in level 1, then only competitors need to pre register to make the morning that much easier.

Register for any of our upcoming triathlon events here

If we are still at level 2, we are limited to 100 people for this event, which includes marshall's and spectators.

In order for us to proceed with this event, anyone that is coming will need to pre-register.

Please note, Marshalls are required to run this event, therefore will take priority over spectators.