Manawatu Triathlon Academy

The junior programme has been running since March 2016 for children aged 10 years and above. We have a team of coaches who will help your children with triathlon specific skills across all three sports.

First training session

All abilities are welcome however it is expected the athletes can swim at least 200 m continuously without much difficulty to be part of the programme.

Children are split into groups based on age and ability.

​You must be a current member of the Manawatu Triathlon Club to attend the MTA sessions

MTA JUNIOR SQUAD (Year 7 and year 8 - Intermediate age, approx 10-13 years old)

Focus on skill development technique, games, basic fitness and fun.

MTA TRI SQUAD (Year 9 to University age with no performance measures, approx 13-21 years old)

A step up from the junior squad but a strong emphasis on skill and technique will remain.