Club Rules and Age Groups

MTC Club Rules

  1. Competitors enter all events at their own risk and acknowledge that they must obey all road rules. Keep left at all times; obey all Marshal and Race Director’s instructions.
  2. No bike drafting allowed, unless event is deemed to be draft legal
  3. Be considerate to fellow competitors.
  4. Follow the correct run, bike, swim courses.

Age Groups Explained

MTC Champs: The age will be calculated on 31 December in the year of the competition

MTC Season: Registration opens 1st November for season starting 1st January of the following year.

MTC Age Group: The age will be calculated as age on 31 December of the MTC Membership Year

School Events: School and College competitions where the student’s age is on 1 January in the year of competition.

Eligibility for Triathlon Club Champs

  1. You must have been a financial club member for at least one calendar month prior to the club triathlon championships.
  2. You must have competed, or assisted with marshalling for at least one race in the 6 months prior to club championships. You do not need to have competed in the same category in your qualifying events as you will race at the championships.
  3. You must race in the correct category and course length for your age, to be eligible for club championship honours.
    • Have a Go Tri/Duathlon - Under 11, Under 13, Vet 80's
    • 3/9/3 Tri/Medium Duathlon - Under 16's, Vet 50 Female, Vet 60 Female, Vet 70's
    • Sprint Tri/Long Duathlon - Juniors (16-19), Opens (20-39), Vet 40's, Vet 50 Male, Vet 60 Male