MTA Award Details

MTA end of year Awards

  • Member of the MTC and MTA
  • Volunteered at two of the below (ITTT, Weetbix, MTC events) or provided volunteer coach support at one of the MTA sessions

Most Improved - Sponsored by the Pettersson Family

Most improved awards recognize athletes who have shown "stand-out" improvement in various areas of the triathlon both in training and racing.

Coaches Award - Sponsored by the Reed Family

Recognizes additional qualities that typical awards may not address. The "Coaches Award" is given to an athlete that exhibits special skills, academics, community service or other exemplary criteria that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Best Performance - Sponsored by Willie Roy - Tall Poppy

This award is for the best performance during the season and recognizes athletes that have memorably displayed exceptional skills or set season records.

Attitude Award - Sponsored by the Coxon Family

This award emphasizes the importance of sportsmanship. These athletes possess skills that are critical to the bonding and foundation of the team. These qualities consist of positive attitudes, as well as respect for each other, coaches, and their competition.

Most dedicated Award - Sponsored by Shaz Dagg

It is awarded to the athlete that has consistently demonstrated hard work throughout the year even through difficult circumstances.

Team Spirit Award - Sponsored by the Evan's Family

This person is someone who pitches in to help others for the betterment of the team, exhibits flexibility and grace under pressure, shows commitment to team over self and treats teammates with respect. This award is MTA peer voted.